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Why Should You Choose Menlo Park Patents to Protect Your Ideas?

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Here are a few reasons why Menlo Park Patents is the premier choice for getting your inventions protected and patent filed:

  • Our team is comprised of licensed Patent Agents, engineers and serial inventors. Our founder is the named inventor on 102 U.S. patents and is a licensed Patent agent and Professional engineer. All our partners are engineers and named inventors on several inventions.
  • Our Founder, has taught patent law, entrepreneurship and computer science to engineers, scientists and business professionals:
  • 7 years as an Instructor/Visiting Lecturer at Trinity College, Hartford CT,
  • 2 years as a Visiting Practitioner Instructor at Florida Gulf Coast University,
  • 2 years as an adjunct professor at the University of New Haven teaching computer science.
  • Transparent pricing and cost saving bundles. Menlo Park Patents provides customers with Fix Fee packages that are transparent so you know exactly what the project will cost.  We also offer several bundles that combine popular services into a single discounted price.  This is like buying insurance from a company that allows you to bundle both home and auto insurance to save money.
  • Years of Specialized Experience. Our team has helped clients with patents in software, medical devices, automotive, security systems, carbon nanotube and nanotechnology, semiconductor, data storage, mechanical, electrical, sports equipment, games, jewelry, personal products (toothbrushes, skin care, and feminine products), military products, energy products, marine products, li-ion, and fuel cell technology.
  • We have the industry experience.  Our team members have worked in industry, and we have hands on industry experience in many of the industries we service.
  • We are licensed patent practitioners. We are licensed to practice at the USPTO.  Our team members also have professional engineering licenses in Connecticut, Vermont and Florida as well as several technical certifications.
  • Our Experience Saves You Money and Protects Your Idea. Our comprehensive experience ensures that your patent is handled efficiently, and we can apply the resources to create your patent and make sure it is done right and on time. Our goal is to provide you the highest level of protection with respect to the prior art
  • You Deserve the best representation at the Patent Office. Selecting Menlo Park Patents you know that your team has the experience as inventors and patent practitioners and can help you as you develop your invention and represent you at the patent office. We are not distracted by other business because we work only on patents.
  • At Menlo Park Patents you work with a partner and not an associate – you have direct access to a partner in the firm who is responsible for and working on your patent. At Menlo Park Patents partners work on the client’s patent applications and are responsible for completing the project.