Experienced Patent Agents, Serial Entrepreneurs, and Engineering Associates

Menlo Park Patents funnels our unique experience as patent agents and serial entrepreneurs to clients via our fixed fee patent services.

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Our Mission

Menlo Park patents is at the forefront of providing inventors, startups, and small business owners with value-driven intellectual property services at fixed rates

Drawing on over 25 years of combined experience our U.S. patent agents and engineering associates have delivered quality, and reliability to clients from differing industry levels and backgrounds. We draw on our experience to help our clients save the most while producing meaningful and efficient intellectual property services. Joel Douglas, our founder, inventor, and serial entrepreneur has a built a legacy as the named inventor on 100 granted patents, 7 successful company exits, 29 FDA approvals, and has become one of the nation’s top patent agents of record. Our passion, is built on that legacy to deliver excellence with methodologies catered to help our clients obtain the patents they need to grow. We are large enough to service individual inventors as well as corporations. Nuventus has experience prosecuting and filing patents in the U.S.A., PCT, China, Great Britain, E.U., Japan, South Korea, Australia, Germany, and France.

Our Leadership Team

Shem Lachhman

Managing Partner, Engineering Associate
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Thomas Ciesco

Partner, Licensed U.S. Patent Agent
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Joel Douglas

President, Founder, Licensed U.S. Patent Agent
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