Office Action Response

This is the step in the patent process where an expert Patent Agent is needed to draft a response to the USPTO examiner's rejections and objections.

Menlo Park Patents can help you respond to a USPTO office action at fixed rates!

Non-Final Office Action

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  • Review the office action and citations.

  • Provide a strategy to overcome the Nonfinal office action.

  • Draft an amendment to the claims based on our strategy (20 claim maximum).

  • Separate pricing/additional pages over 20 page limit.

Final Office Action

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  • Review the office action and provide strategy for response.

  • Reply to every objection or rejection in the office action.

  • Amendment to the claims (20 claim maximum).

  • Separate pricing/additional pages over 20.

Office Action Information

What is an Office Action?

An office action is an official letter sent by the USPTO. In the office action, an examining patent practitioner will list the results of his/her own examination of your patent.

What is the difference between a non-final and final office action?

A non-final office action is normally the first office action sent for a patent application.  The examiner states his/her opinion on the patentability of the claims drafted.  A final office action is typically sent by the examiner after reviewing the applicant’s response to the first non-final office action.  Each office action type allows different proceedings for response.

How can I save money when I receive an office action?

Office actions have a time period for response.  That response needs to be filed at the USPTO within that time period or the client will have to pay a fee for an extension of time.  Contact our team promptly after receiving an office action and make sure reviews, and materials are delivered quickly.

How can Menlo Park Patents help me with my office action?

Our goal is to get you a patent.  After all, that is why you are making the investment to protect your idea.  The Menlo Park Patents’ team brings an understanding of the patent process like no other patent agent or attorney.  We help our clients by responding to office actions within a favorable budget and with a strategy that has been honed by the 20 years of experience as patent agents.

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How can I know if my idea exists?

Before filing, patent searches gauge invention novelty. Menlo Park Patents offers affordable patent research!

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