Office Action Response

This is the step in the patent process where an expert Patent Agent is needed to draft a response to the USPTO examiner's rejections and objections.

Review your office action

Provide a strategy to overcome the raised rejections

Draft an amendment

Client Review

File the amendment

Menlo Park Patents can help you respond to a USPTO office action at fixed rates!

Non-Final Office Action

Starting at
  • Review the office action and citations.

  • Provide a strategy to overcome the Nonfinal office action.

  • Draft an amendment to the claims based on our strategy (20 claim maximum).

  • $50 / additional pages over 20 page limit.

Final Office Action

Starting at
  • Review the office action and provide strategy for response.

  • Reply to every objection or rejection in the office action.

  • Amendment to the claims (20 claim maximum).

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Our Step-By-Step Process

Comprehensive Review

Our patent agents begin with a thorough analysis of the office action issued by the USPTO. This detailed review covers every aspect of the objections or rejections.. Our agents delve into the nuances of each point raised by the examiner, ensuring a deep understanding of the issues and the best approach to address them.

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Strategic Responsive Planning and Advice

Following the review, our team develops a strategic plan to address the office action based on our 30+ years of experience prosecuting patents. This plan is custom-tailored, considering the unique aspects of your case and the intricacies of patents.  We focus on constructing a persuasive argument to address each concern raised by the USPTO examiner, aiming to resolve all issues effectively.

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Detailed Response Drafting

Our patent agents then craft a detailed response. This crucial step involves creating a well-argued, clear, and concise response that addresses the specific points raised by the USPTO, incorporating necessary amendments and arguments. Our goal is to articulate a compelling case for your application's progression.

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Review By You, Our Client

We place a strong emphasis on collaboration, especially during prosecution of a patent application. This collaborative process ensures that the response not only addresses the raised issues with the patent but includes your feedback as you are the inventor and know your invention.

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FAQs About Office Actions

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What is an Office Action?

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