Who We Are

Menlo Park Patents is one of the leading patent agencies in the United States. For over 25 years, we’ve helped inventors and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life with a variety of patents in a wide range of industries.

Our team has experience as licensed patent agents while also paving the path by creating and patenting their own inventions. Their work has been recognized in publications and numerous awards. We are focused on helping you receive patent approval by streamlining the process with transparent pricing and step-by-step guidance.

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Patent Industries


Treatments, medical software, sanitation products, drug delivery devices, and more.


Agricultural Technology Devices and Processes


Fitness Trackers, Health Monitors and Therapeutic Devices


Carbon-based Fuels, Hydro Power Equipment, Lithium-Ion Batteries and Charge Controllers, Fuel Cells, Nuclear Fuel Assemblies, Engine & Fuel Controls


Carbon Nanotube Formulations & Nanotechnology and Micro-fabrication Techniques


Internet of Things (IoT), WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Machine Learning, Smart Device Applications and Blockchain Technologies


Platforms, Security and Mobile Apps

Products we engineered