Shem Lachhman

Managing Partner, Engineering Associate
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Shem Lachhman is an experienced leader and electrical engineer with a knowledge of technology and its path toward commercialization. Mr. Lachhman began his career as a field engineer for a small company specializing in automation and controls for manufacturing lines. Shortly after he achieved a M.S. in Electrical Engineering with a specialty in sensor design, microelectromechanical systems, microfabrication techniques, electronic miniaturization, instrumentation development and thin film lifetime testing. It was during his time at CWRU that he founded his first company MediMEMS, with the late Dr. Wen Ko, where he and his team pursued commercialization of a thin film technology to encapsulate miniaturized implantable medical devices. He simultaneously worked with R&D teams developing wireless implant technologies, instrumentation, and provided proto-typing and product development services to young companies in various industries.

He then founded Pelletric where he commercialized a novel technology to closely monitor blood pressure of hypertensive patients. He won 2nd place at the Reset Social Enterprise accelerator program and was also awarded a state grant to pursue the technology.

His journey continued at CareCube, Inc. where he served as the CTO, to engineer and develop an IoT technology with the ability to detect instances of elder abuse, and health insurance fraud. Simultaneously, he also partnered with UJAT, in the development of their UjatCare platform and several other products for home health care agencies such as smart phone apps, A.I. powered technologies, and marketing tools. He has worked with several young startups in several roles as an engineer, marketing director, and manufacturing consultant. He is an adviser and technology officer for 6 companies in the medical devices, real estate, consumer products, DIY home improvement, and blockchain arenas.

Mr. Lachhman is currently a partner at Menlo Park Patents aiding in marketing, sales, engineering, business development and product development services. His vision and goal is to make patents attainable for young companies that have high potential for growth.


  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • 15+ years in Product Development Experience
  • Tech & Business Adviser to multiple startups

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