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Prior Art Searches

A quick way to research the prior art and help develop a strategy for your patent application.

Provisional Patent Application

Obtain a priority date at the USPTO for your invention. Provisional patent applications have a 12-month term. Needs to be converted to a non-provisional before the 12-month deadline.

Nonprovisional Patent Application

Nonprovisional patent applications protect how your invention functions.

Design Patent Applications

Design applications protect the look and feel of your invention.

PCT Patent Application

PCT assist applicants seeking patent protection internationally for their inventions.

Patent Office Actions Responses

Packages to help you respond to USPTO office actions.

Other Services

Engineering, FDA consultation, investor deck drafting

Education to help you build and grow your business!

How can I know if my idea exists?

Before filing, patent searches gauge invention novelty. Menlo Park Patents offers affordable patent research!

3 ways to make money from your patents

Check out 3 of our recommended strategies for making money from your patents

Should I do a prior art search?

A question that is often asked by inventors is: Should I do a prior art search before filing a patent application?

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