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Navigating the Costs of a Patent

For inventors, understanding how much a patent costs is a key part of the innovation process. Learn more with our comprehensive guide.

Should You File a Continuation Patent Application at the USPTO?

A continuation application is a flexible tool to support business objectives. Click here to learn more.

How to Patent a Design: A Step-by-Step Guide

Read our guide on patenting designs, covering steps from patentability assessment, prior art search, drafting, and USPTO submission.

What Does Patent Pending Mean?: A Deep Dive for Inventors and Businesses

Discover the meaning of 'patent pending and its significance in the patent process, your business, and overall marketing strategy.

What is the invention?

Initially deteremining what the invention of the inventor is appears to be a simple question but commonly is fraught with problems.

Patent Agent vs. Patent Attorney

Starting a new business comes with many decisions. Those decisions can involve choosing your target market, partners, or contractors.

Why is a team important to startups and new companies?

Your team is the group of people in your startup that are committed to building the running, and building the company toward success.

Provisional Patent Applications and How They Work?

In this article, we review what a provisional patent application is and what it can contribute so you can achieve your business goals!

Patent Terms Defined

Here is a list of common terms that you will hear over the course of filing your patent application.

The Entrepreneur Patent Practitioner by Joel Douglas

Hear from Joel Douglas, the founder of Menlo Park Patents.

How Do You Turn an Idea into A Patented Invention?

During my career I have been repeatedly asked: how do I you turn an idea into an invention?

How Much Does a Patent Cost?

In order to protect your ideas legally, an inventor or startup founder needs to file a patent application on the invention.

Why Should You Choose Menlo Park Patents to Protect Your Ideas?

Here are a few reasons why Menlo Park Patents is the premier choice for getting your inventions protected and patent filed:

Is Software Patentable?

When inventors ask “Is software patentable?” they usually have either developed or are developing a product that runs or utilizes software.

A roadmap to patenting your new idea.

We outline the 6-step process to patenting your new idea!

What are the first steps to developing my new idea into a business?

Hatching a new idea is truly a great moment for any new inventor startup founder or entrepreneur.

How can I finance my proto-type and development?

The biggest concern of any inventor/founder is: how do I finance or fund my business?

What are the different stages of product development?

Every new business idea requires a lot of planning and research to strategically build a company into a success.

What is 3D printing and how can it help my business?

You may have heard about 3D printing or the term additive manufacturing over the past few years as it has become increasingly popular.

Patenting Criteria: What Does Novel, Non-obvious, and Useful Mean?

The USPTO grants patents to inventions that meet three main criteria: The invention must be novel, non-obvious, and useful.

Should I do a prior art search?

A question that is often asked by inventors is: Should I do a prior art search before filing a patent application?

3 ways to make money from your patents

Check out 3 of our recommended strategies for making money from your patents

How can I know if my idea exists?

Before filing, patent searches gauge invention novelty. Menlo Park Patents offers affordable patent research!

Design Patents 101: Your Essential Guide

Uncover the essentials of design patents in our guide: their value, differences from utility patents, and securing your creative rights.

Utility Patent vs Design Patent

Discover the key differences between utility and design patents and how choosing the right one impacts your innovation's protection.